Ways to get involved - Meet & Confer sessions

Local 2864 takes part in a number of Meet and Confer sessions each month to advocate for workers in our various professional units. If you have issues or concerns that you would like addressed, please submit a report utilizing the reporting forms below. You may submit your report with or without identifying information. If you have questions or concerns, contact 2864 President Anna Sheppard by phone at 612-543-8434 or email asheppard@hclib.org. 

Local 2864 Contract

Section 1. Upon the request of either party, the EMPLOYER and the UNION agree that not more than six (6) UNION representatives and not more than six (6) EMPLOYER representatives will participate in a Meet and Confer session each month to discuss issues of concern to either or both of the parties.

A. The parties will meet and confer in regards to health of the workforce issues including but not limited to physical, psychological, ergonomics or public health concerns and safety items which are neither negotiable nor subject to the grievance procedure. (See also Attachment D)

B. The parties will Meet and Confer in regards to workloads/caseloads issues to identify ideal workload or caseload sizes and methods of achieving or working towards ideal workloads/caseloads. It is specifically understood that actual assigned workloads may differ from ideal workloads. The EMPLOYER agrees that ideal or appropriate workloads/caseloads will be a significant consideration when assessing employee work performance.

C. The parties will use the Meet and Confer process to establish a forum to address dignity and respect in the workplace on an ongoing basis.

Librarian Meet and Confer
Standing Committee Members: Anna Sheppard and Sue Haise
Third Wednesday of Every Month
Librarian Reporting Form

Human Services Meet and Confer
Standing Committee Members: Anna Sheppard and Ann Forrester
First Thursday of Every Month
Vocational Counselor Reporting Form

Medical Examiners Meet and Confer
Standing Committee Members: Anna Sheppard and Carrie Notch
**Meetings Coordinated as Necessary
Medical Examiner Reporting Form

Planning Analysts Meet and Confer
Standing Committee Members: Anna Sheppard and Urban Landreman
**Meetings Coordinated as Necessary
Planning Analyst Reporting Form